Experience Delivered.

About Us

We were founded in 1969, with a single idea in mind: to help people and organizations achieve their greatest potential. And this vision has become today’s reality.

Today, Morgan Samuels offers a broad spectrum of results-driven solutions that make the most of human capital and transform businesses. The variables are many. We work in categories from engineering and construction to leading edge tech. And we offer services throughout the life stage of business.

But our constants lie in our approach to each client’s situation. We will always bring strategy, experience and service to the table.


In order to collaborate, we must understand. So it all begins with a thorough knowledge of your strategy. Time and again, companies turn to Morgan Samuels for help in defining and executing the best strategic plans for their future.

Once informed and aligned with the interests of our clients, we’re ready to provide innovative solutions for the toughest human capital challenges.


There’s a value to empathy. And it’s one that our clients profit from every day. When they turn to Morgan Samuels, they’re turning to dynamic, experienced leaders in the industry – leaders who know what it takes to transform business.

Whether we came here from consulting firms, as operators of globally known companies or practitioners with decades of experience, we all came with a common purpose: to use all that we’ve learned and done to help our clients ignite transformational change.


We believe we can’t provide transformative solutions to our clients until and unless we own their problem. So we serve each client not only with deep capabilities and a deep roster of talent. But with a deep spirit of service, too. A spirit of mission first. Your mission.

Morgan Samuels believes, “It’s business. And yes, it IS personal.” Especially when it’s yours. For us, there is no higher reward than earning the roles of true business partners and trusted advisors through personal and painstaking service.