Monica Bua

Managing Director

"El líder, le directeur, il capocronaca, der vorsitzende…wherever I go, leaders speak a common language."
It’s a language of passion, performance and vision. And Monica translates it all into action on behalf of her clients every day.

From Silicon Valley to New York, across Europe and Asia and back again, she brings more than 15 years of experience in finding, assessing and developing the leadership that transforms companies and speeds them toward their goals. She’s a thought leader and a proven partner who helps world-class companies navigate even the most challenging times in innovation and an ever-evolving talent landscape.

She’s a change-driver with a passion for building inclusive teams, helping individuals and organizations realize their greatest possibilities by finding a place and a voice for women and other underrepresented communities. Monica is particularly proud that this commitment has resulted in more than half her placements. Clear evidence of both her dedication to diversity and her understanding of the dynamic potential that comes with being willing to widen the search for excellence across all borders and boundaries.

Monica knows you can’t build the disruptive and leading enterprises of tomorrow with yesterday’s approach to search. She shares the vision and determination of Fortune50, top-tier private equity and venture capital-backed enterprises to succeed. She’s well-versed in addressing the needs of emerging products, enabling them with the talent they need to thrive. Unflappable, she’s put together entire C-suite teams for some of the most demanding clients in technology’s most demanding environments. Delivering every time.

Before joining our team in 2004, Monica worked as an international recruiter for Trilogy Inc., where she was first introduced to the quest for finding and winning the best in technology talent. She scoured the world for all-star engineers, and she was also a founding member of Monica earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management. She graduated from Boston College, cum laude, with a BA in Human Development and Spanish.

At home in La Jolla, California, Monica puts relationships at the heart of everything she does. Keeping close with her clients and team no matter where any given day finds her. Some people might think it’s about seeing the ocean. But Monica knows it’s really about looking over the horizon. Every day.

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