Tess Fischer

Senior Client Partner

“Dreams need wide open spaces; it’s then that we are only limited by our imaginations.”
For Tess, the chaos of a big city isn’t nearly as exciting as the clarity she finds in wide open spaces. It’s those quiet mornings on her family ranch where she watches the sun rise, the cattle graze, and her kids and dogs roam free that lead to her most powerful business epiphanies.

A focused and far-sighted leader, Tess is a recruiting and business development specialist with 15 years of experience building and managing networks, clients, and teams. She is driven by an interest in understanding people and their organizations—and that passion, combined with a talent for precision, has solidified her career in executive search.

Her desire to connect with each and every person she meets, along with a research-driven, strategic mindset, enables Tess to pinpoint the right people for the right roles and ensure her clients see remarkable results.

Prior to joining Morgan Samuels, Tess gained recognition as a Senior Executive Recruiter at Vista Consulting Group—where she placed over 30 executives across Vista Equity Partner’s portfolio of software companies every year—and as Vice President of Network Development at Gerson Lehrman Group, where she and her team recruited industry experts (from top physicians to Fortune 500 executives), industry employees, and academics to assist the research strategies of life science companies, global corporations, and professional service firms.

Tess graduated from Vanderbilt University summa cum laude with a BS in Human and Organizational Development, with concentrations in both Health and Human Services and Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness.

Tess calls a sunny ranch outside of Austin, Texas home, where she lives with her two sons and husband of 14 years.

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