Impact Delivered.

Financial Services Case Study

A large property valuation & consulting firm


The largest property valuation and consulting firm in the United States retained Morgan Samuels to fill the newly created role of Chief Executive Officer. Already the top player, the company was looking for a strategic, entrepreneurial and hands-on executive to drive further growth by capitalizing on untapped market opportunities and expanding service offerings into other areas.


Our client was structured similar to a franchise model, with dozens of local offices coast to coast, each almost like its own independent business. The incoming CEO would need to create buy-in from many different constituencies and would have relatively small corporate budget oversight, which could have made it challenging to attract candidates.

The Morgan Samuels team started by targeting franchises as well as other real estate related businesses. As it became clear, however, that the core critical skill set for this role was the ability to take data and monetize it, we expanded our efforts to target information services providers, which is where we ultimately found the successful placement.


Morgan Samuels achieved an extremely rapid close of 51 days, and both the company and its new CEO are thriving. Our client remains the largest independent commercial real estate valuation and consulting firm in North America. It recently achieved an industry landmark, surpassing 200 Members of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) designations among its appraisers, the largest number of any appraisal firm in the country.

Client Insight

“From our initial face-to face meeting, Morgan Samuels did an excellent job of listening to what we were looking for in a CEO candidate. Their ability to carefully listen to our needs was extremely important because at that time we felt, but were not certain, that we would need to look outside of our industry to find the best candidate. Their systematic approach to developing candidates before presenting them to us worked very well and produced a cross section of candidates that we were able to efficiently narrow down as the process moved forward. Having this type of process was extremely important for our search because our committee had very limited experience in this level of search. The rigor of the process was borne out in the comments of the candidates and in the fact that, although we were not always on the same page, in the end, through Morgan Samuels’ input and guidance, the committee reached consensus on the final candidates and our final choice. Their ability to listen and to provide us feedback was culminated with our CEO choice who is from outside of the industry, but who brings the skill set and energy to move our company forward.”—Board of Directors

Candidate Insight

“I was approached by Morgan Samuels as a potential candidate for a CEO position. The process was deliberate, highly organized, and unusually challenging. This forced me to confirm, first to myself, that I was the right candidate for the job – and also to confirm that the job was the right one for me. I have been a candidate for many searches, in which the search firm seemingly paraded candidates past the employer in hopes of making a match – and frequently I would get an offer, only to realize that I didn’t really want it. Since the effort required to compete was low, I pursued positions that, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have gone after. That wouldn’t happen with the process that Morgan Samuels has constructed. Since the process is far more challenging than most other searches, the candidate is forced to make a real commitment to the search early on – which benefits not only the company, but the candidate. It was hard work – but by the time I had completed the interview process I was ready to start the job immediately, and with a very clear view of what I would be getting into, if given the chance. Now that I am seven months into the job I can honestly say that the search process was a very rewarding experience – and I suspect I would say this even if I hadn’t ultimately landed the position. Never before have I been so clear on the position that I wanted - and so well prepared to win. For this I am grateful to Morgan Samuels.”—Newly Placed CEO