Impact Delivered.

Financial Services Case Study

A leading residential mortgage servicer & originator


One of the nation’s leading residential mortgage servicers and originators was experiencing such rapid, aggressive growth that they needed to ensure that their leadership development and succession planning programs were robust enough to maintain a continuity of strong leadership in order to navigate their growth successfully. The company recognized the need for a strategic human resources executive to define and execute a people strategy which would ensure it had a pool of leaders capable of filling its most critical positions in the future. They turned to Morgan Samuels to help define and fill the newly created role of Senior Vice President, Leadership Development in a tight timeframe.


The Morgan Samuels team knew that the opportunity to develop and build a leadership program from the ground up would require a uniquely seasoned individual with considerable strategic experience who had achieved results of a similar scale before. In addition, the successful candidate would also have to possess significant experience operating in a regulated industry environment.

The recruiting team initially targeted potential candidates from mortgage originators, lenders, servicers, and other firms directly similar to the client – and then got creative, broadening their strategy to arrive at a focused yet multi-pronged approach. The team combed the marketplace thoroughly for about two weeks, reaching out to hundreds of HR leaders, whether inside or outside of the target industries. This in turn yielded a huge number of contacts to use as other sources, referrals, and potential candidates.


In partnership with the client, Morgan Samuels arrived at the perfect placement in just over 60 days, ensuring that the client got the talent they needed in the timeframe they needed it. The placement was a local candidate who was formerly with one of the top companies for leadership, and had prior experience in a regulated industry.

Once the top candidate had been identified, there were additional complications at play. Not only was the candidate considering several offers, but the hiring process was stalled for several weeks on the client’s end. During this tricky time, Morgan Samuels was able to successfully manage both the candidate’s and the client’s expectations, not letting much time pass without contact with both parties. This helped to establish a very trusting partner relationship, and once the client was able to move forward, their top choice candidate accepted the offer.

Client Insight

"This was one of the best searches I have ever done. I was completely impressed with the vetting process, the quality of the candidates, the amazing systems and processes you have in place, as well as the talent of your team. You should really be proud of them all--it's an exceptional group of people. I know and have worked with a lot of people in your industry--boutique, small, medium, and large firms--but this search and the follow through and discipline and rigor you embrace is better than anything I have ever experienced. I want you to know I really appreciate it and appreciate all the work from your team. I also want you to know that we're going to have a lot more needs, and we look forward to working with you. If anyone that I know asks me who I would recommend to them, you and your team will be at the top of the list."—EVP, Organizational Development