Impact Delivered.

Entertainment Case Study

A major studio joint venture


A non-profit organization founded to advance research and development in motion picture distribution and protection retained Morgan Samuels to place a new Chief Executive Officer. The executive in this role would provide overall management, planning and leadership to carry out the organization’s mission and vision – to lead the film industry’s united effort to explore and invest in emerging technologies to advance the consumer experience in the digital media environment. The previous CEO had shaped the organization from conception, and now they sought a leader to continue its success while bringing it to the next level, ensuring the organization would stay on the forefront of continuously evolving technological developments, opportunities and threats.


The client organization was a consortium of six major motion picture studios who, though they were competitors, had come together to catalyze technologies and address critical common issues. The makeup of the organization meant that Morgan Samuels had to satisfy a large body of key stakeholders, each with differing agendas and criteria. In addition, there was a very small subset of people who were qualified to be candidates and the key stakeholders already knew most of the top talent and thus could be quick to rule candidates out.

Our client was seeking a CEO with a blend of thought leadership, vision, influence, and depth of technological expertise. To find a robust slate of candidates for them to choose from, we targeted a broad range of industries such as content distribution networks, Internet and digital media, cable and direct broadcast services, software, technology and semiconductors, gaming, wireless network operators, video conferencing, and mobile applications.


Morgan Samuels completed the search with an extremely rapid close time of 42 days. The placement was an executive the stakeholders did not know previously, who brought both deep technical and business expertise that was critical to the role. Our client is delighted with the placement, and confident that he will play an important role in their industry as they continue to enhance and improve the ways that audiences can access and experience entertainment.