Talent Intelligence – Mid-sized PE-backed manufacturers in Tri-State area

Our client was a PE fund looking to understand the Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT) market for mid-sized ($50-700M in revenue) manufacturers, as well as current and former CFOs. Our team literally mapped our research to show those “commutable” to Norwalk, CT. The following links show static images, but the client deliverables were sent as interactive maps built on Google Map Engine – each dot provided additional company and CFO data.

Tri-State PE-Backed Manufacturers

This map is our current research coverage of mid-sized PE-backed manufacturers in the Tri-State area. Of the 72 companies shown, we’ve identified the current or previous CFOs.

Tri-State NON PE-Backed Manufacturers

This map shows the over 300 mid-sized industrial manufacturers in the Tri-State area which aren’t sponsor-backed. 

Location of All Prospects

This map shows everyone our consultants connected with for this client engagement, mapped by work location, resume, or LinkedIn profile. You can see efforts were focused in the Tri-State area.

Comp Range vs. Location

This map shows a heatmap of compensation based on the 48 data points we gathered.