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Board of Directors

Achieving high-quality and effective board governance is critical for any public or private company to be successful.   It is increasingly vital and more difficult to recruit the most qualified and independent leaders for your board who possess the right experience, expertise, diversity of thought and background, and cultural fit to bring significant value for your company and shareholders.

Traditional behaviors and techniques for placing members on both public and private boards are outdated as boards face more accountability, federal oversight, and greater time demands, as well as new market imperatives of transparency.   Armed with our in-depth research and a thorough understanding of your unique skill needs, we accomplish outstanding results in board placement and services.

Our team of experienced board experts partner with your private company executives and public company Nominating Committees to recruit the best director talent for your board.  We leverage insights gained from years of experience placing exceptional board members, along with our proprietary methodology, including skill-set testing, to ensure the best match for your organization, as well as compliance with current federal standards.  With our access to and knowledge of board candidates, coupled with our comprehensive methodology and a median cycle time of 85 days, we will work with quality and speed to recruit your directors.

Recent Board Placements

Delta Dental of California
C3 Jian

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