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Consumer Products & Retail

The impact of technology on the consumer products and retail industry has changed how business is conducted, and dramatically altered the leadership capabilities necessary to thrive in this new normal. Consumers demand a widening array of quality choices – even as increased consumer options erode brand loyalty – which pressures retailers and creates complex supply-chain challenges. There is increased need for strategic leaders to build out e-commerce options as some companies are moving away from traditional bricks-and-mortar stores, while still providing a seamless experience for the omni-channel consumer. The ability to use data analytics to enhance marketing and customer service quality is increasingly key. It is critical to acquire and develop leadership with the agility to adapt to changing customer needs and expectations, the international experience to thrive in a shifting global marketplace, and to keep up with radical advances.

Core Areas

  • Retail/E-Commerce/Omni-Channel
  • Consumer Packaged Goods/Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Hospitality, Restaurants, Entertainment
  • Food Ingredients
  • Outdoor Action Sports/Performance

Experience Delivered.

  • Lynn Wu
    Practice Leader
    Senior Client Partner