Private Equity.

Private Equity Talent Pipeline

We implemented the Private Equity Talent Pipeline at our clients’ request to help build their network of executive talent.  We work with our clients to gain a clear understanding of their investment strategy (favored industry sectors, deal size, transaction type, etc.) and then provide exceptional, fully vetted executive talent on a consistent, proactive basis.

PE Talent Pipeline candidates come from the following sources:

  • Strong candidates and/or finalists from our executive searches
  • Strong candidates from our own networks/database and rising stars/next generation CEO’s

Our clients have leveraged our PE Talent Pipeline in the following ways:

  • Taking a senior operating or board role at a current portfolio company
  • Assisting them to identify and make investment decisions
  • Consulting roles in diligence and/or post investment

Since many PETP candidates are passive job seekers (currently employed), we are discreet about making introductions and always have candidates’ permission to do so.

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