Remote Work Gives New Meaning to Work/Life Balance

Remote Work Gives New Meaning to Work/Life Balance

Article published by Hunt Scanlon on January 13, 2021

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has become part of the new normal. In a recently released report, executive search firm Morgan Samuels provided a handbook of sorts to help employees adapt to the changes. From establishing clear boundaries for family members to carving out breaks and time for physical activity, this report is a must read for at-home workers, and their bosses.

Facilitating a culture of transparency and over-communication is a critical component of a successful working environment. Working remotely allows employees substantial flexibility and freedom – assuming they get their work done. One trade-off for this flexibility is privacy, according to a new report by Morgan Samuels. “It’s much harder for a remote employee to expect to keep to themselves and share few personal details, while at the same time expect the level of flexibility that working from home might provide,” the firm said. “For us at Morgan Samuels, this isn’t seen as a trade-off, but an added benefit to our culture, allowing us to feel that much more connected to one another.”

Knowing that remote work gives new meaning to a work/life balance, the Morgan Samuels report says remote teams should lean into the blending of the two lives. “If there is one single lesson we’ve learned over the years, it is that working from home leads to working more rather than less,” said the report. “There will always be a few people who don’t take it seriously but by experience we know that working too long each day and not taking breaks is a common problem that leads to burnout.”


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