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Who we are and why: Helping senior leaders and organizations achieve their greatest potential


We focus on helping senior leadership and their teams develop and implement the skills, behaviors and mindsets that will take their organization to the next level of success and improved business performance.  We focus primarily on:

We believe that the role of the leader is to:

  • Set direction and ensure alignment around organization Purpose, Vision, and Mission
  • Identify and remove roadblocks to individual, team and organization performance
  • Develop and inspire people to achieve their highest potential

We are committed:

  • To helping successful leaders and their teams achieve positive, lasting change in leadership behaviors and organization alignment leading to improved business performance
  • To a world where leaders achieve success through commitment, caring and compassion for themselves, their teams, their customers, their suppliers and their communities

Who we work with

We work with leaders and organizations that meet these criteria:

  • Have achieved success and are driven to get even better
  • Recognize that the next level of performance has more to do with leadership effectiveness than financial, strategic or process acumen
  • Are committed to working with a seasoned leadership consultant who can build on already existing strengths while introducing new insights, ideas and approaches

What we do and how we do it

We help successful leadership teams accelerate performance through Purpose driven leadership team alignment, customized team leadership coaching and one-on-one executive coaching.  Building on our experience with senior leadership across multiple industries since 1969, we concentrate on executive and senior leadership teams at the organization, business unit and functional group levels.

  • Senior Team Alignment emphasizes enhancing alignment around organization Purpose, Vision, and Mission, producing leadership frameworks that map to your business, your organization and your culture.  Team alignment work is designed to:
    • Translate Purpose, Vision, and Mission into meaningful performance goals and objectives
    • Ensure alignment of goals and objectives across BU’s and key functional areas
    • Identify critical leadership success factors necessary to achieve targeted goals
  • Team Leadership Coaching is for leadership teams at the executive, group, division, business unit and operating unit levels addressing areas such as:
    • Cascading alignment throughout the organization
    • Leading large scale change
    • Managing diversity
  • Executive Coaching is for successful leaders who are:
    • Working to become even more effective leaders
    • Transitioning into or have recently taken on new roles
    • Helping high potential leaders needing to acquire additional leadership skills and capabilities

Which approach is right for you?

The best way to determine a good fit is in consultation with your prospective leadership consultant.  Independent of the subject matter or area of focus, one of the most important variables in a successful relationship has to do with how well you relate to the consultant both personally and professionally.  Do you trust the individual?  How committed are you to exploring new ideas?  How willing are you to hold yourself and others accountable to implementing the changes you agree upon with your consultant?

Who performs the work?

All Morgan Samuels engagements are led by seasoned executives who understand the world of business and have the experience and skills to help senior leaders perform at even higher levels. We deploy a unique and practical methodology focused on creating alignment across leadership teams that translates into accelerated performance across the organization.