Leadership Development.

Senior Team Alignment

Alignment between and among senior leadership teams around mission, vision and purpose enables organizations to more effectively respond to rapidly changing market conditions while maintaining a keen eye on organization strategy and execution across key business units and functional groups.

Senior team alignment typically begins with a half-day planning session followed by a two-day off-site working session.

The core objectives of the working sessions include:

  • Revisit and align organization Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Translate the Purpose, Vision and Mission work into performance goals and objectives
  • Ensure alignment of goals and objectives across BU’s and key functional areas
  • Identify critical leadership success factors in achieving targeted goals and objectives
  • Identify behavioral agreements necessary to support change
  • Begin crafting a joint accountability support process ensuring key leader success
  • Begin crafting a decision rights process mapped to roles and responsibilities
  • Produce a first draft implementation roadmap for agreed upon objectives


Phase IA:  Half-day Planning Session – Senior Team

We prepare by conducting a series of 30-45 minute interviews with approximately 10 key senior team, BU and functional executives.  These interviews provide the basis for a half-day planning session with the senior team to sharpen the focus and further clarify desired outcomes for the subsequent two-day working session.

Phase IB:  Two-Day Senior Leadership Alignment Working Session

After completing the Phase IA Half-day Planning, Morgan Samuels will lead a two-day Senior Leadership Team off-site to translate gaps in current performance into desired outcomes that can be achieved over a 6-18 month period.  We work with the team to identify the 5-7 critical success factors that have the most leverage and develop performance improvement plans for each of these critical few.

Once the team has agreed upon the measurable team performance focus for the initial six month period, we then drill down on key metrics – those measurable success factors that help the team stay on top of day-to-day performance, providing the guidance necessary to make the continuing course corrections necessary to long term achievement of critical goals.  Part of success includes clarifying critical roles, rights and responsibilities for each team member.

With key goals, success factors, improvement plans and metrics in place, we then help develop a monitoring process that the team can use to track progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in service to fulfilling the organization Purpose and Vision. We work with the team to ensure that each metric is real, meaningful and measurable.  We work with you to develop a reporting process that will allow us to work with the team over the coming months to make necessary, just-in-time course corrections and ensure successful accomplishment of critical goals.

Anticipated Deliverables

  • Clarified Purpose, Vision and Mission statements
  • Agreed upon critical leadership success factors
  • Clear behavioral agreements reflecting Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Draft Decision Rights Process – Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Draft Joint Accountability and Support Process
  • Leadership Development Roadmap (OR)
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Recommended Phase 2 Activity

Morgan Samuels Engagement Principles

In order to deliver high impact engagements, Morgan Samuels prefers an approach we call Walk Beside | Leave BehindTMWorking collaboratively, we deliver high quality, high value services that address current business needs while transferring knowledge, skills and insights to our internal partners.  Our core engagement principles:

  • A Morgan Samuels Senior Partner will lead the engagement
  • Focus on Senior Management where we have deep experience and competency
  • Collaborate with key internal players who both know the culture and wish to become even more proficient in creating alignment deeper within the organization
  • Deliver tailored solutions incorporating the best thinking of Morgan Samuels coupled with deep company knowledge supplied by your leadership
  • Map all key deliverables to your Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Work with your team to develop internal capabilities to ensure continuous adaptation and long term success