Results-Driven Solutions

Simply put, we place exceptional talent in extraordinary roles. Why? Because we know that great leaders are the driving force behind transformative teams and revolutionary companies.

While we could find and place qualified candidates just to check a box and fill a role, we don’t. We go the extra mile (or miles, depending on where in the world your perfect fit might be) to track down top-tier talent. We work with you—or build the best-in-class team that will elevate your organization—to assess your unique needs and most challenging business problems and deliver the leader that will solve them.

Diversity & Inclusion

As all businesses are challenged to adapt to a new economic environment, we are committed now more than ever to hire diverse executive teams. Not only do diverse teams broaden perspective, companies who are committed to hiring diverse talent outpace the competition and gain market share. A true commitment to diversity at Morgan Samuels, our own team is 85% diverse. We actively seek clients who share a deep commitment to diversity that includes gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, age, and more. Our CEO Bert Hensley is a West Point graduate and Army veteran. We have hired multiple veterans over the years at companies like Blue Origin, Verizon, L3 Harris Technologies, Boeing, BAE Systems, Kaiser Permanente, and Walt Disney Company.

We have only been able to achieve unprecedented diversity placement rates by implementing best practices that prioritize uncovering diverse talent in the marketplace. Our strategic framework holds us and our clients accountable to delivering results. Because of our passion and understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding inclusion we take shared responsibility to empower underrepresented talent.

Board Services

A strong, autonomous, and engaged board is the backbone of a healthy organization. We’ll help you build one that successfully balances oversight and strategic direction. One that’s not just effective now but will be far into the future.

Our Board Search process, in conjunction with our in-depth research and in partnership with your specifications, allows us to accomplish outstanding results in board placement. We know that large, small, and middle-market companies face different challenges, and we work with all, tailoring our approach to ensure that each gets the best and most appropriate board placements.

A majority of seats these days are getting filled with executives whom board members already know. We can help you comprehensively vet the candidates that you find and interview their references.

Many corporations have determined that there is a significant developmental opportunity for their next generation of C-suite leaders through board assignments. We can help you craft that program for your up-and-coming leaders.

If you are a qualified and referenced executive who is interested in exploring a board placement, we can help you prepare for success and make introductions.

Market Intelligence

While Morgan Samuels’ core service continues to be our comprehensive executive search, we have always been flexible in providing customized offerings to fit our clients’ current business needs and future goals. As all businesses are challenged to adapt to changing economic environments, we are committed to tailor our services to meet this demand. We understand that companies who strategically position themselves to compete in an ever-changing environment will outpace the competition and gain market share.

Market Intelligence