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We’re Morgan Samuels.

We are a team of diverse leaders from multiple disciplines who are on a mission to place the best and brightest in industry-leading roles.

Morgan Samuels is a different kind of executive search firm. We’re re-defining how our industry approaches executive search. Rather than simply filling roles, we immerse ourselves into your company so we can determine the exact talent needed to define your future. Our team pinpoints your specific needs and leverages our vast network to scour the entire talent market. Using our proprietary assessment tools, we deliver candidates who are both a great business and cultural fit for the organization.

Morgan Samuels’ uniquely comprehensive process allows us to solve business problems other recruiting firms won’t or can’t. In doing so, our methodology not only reduces risk but also delivers better, faster results.

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Simply put, at Morgan Samuels we place exceptional talent in extraordinary roles. Why? Because we know that great leaders are the driving force behind transformative teams and revolutionary companies.

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At Morgan Samuels, we find and place perfect-fit candidates in game-changing roles people who are future-forward visionaries with proven potential. With a robust network, unbridled access to the best of the best, and our proprietary and multifaceted approach, we get them in the door fast.

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Businesses are being challenged to adapt to a new economic environment, and Morgan Samuels is committed now more than ever to place diverse and inclusive executive teams. Not only do diverse teams broaden perspective, but companies who are committed to hiring diverse talent outpace the competition and gain market share.

As of 2023, we take immense pride in achieving a 43% diverse hire rate for our placements. Furthermore, at Morgan Samuels, we demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity with our own team being 54% diverse.

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A strong, autonomous, and engaged board is the backbone of a healthy organization. Morgan Samuels will help you build a team of board members that successfully balances oversight and strategic direction one that’s not just effective now but also far into the future.

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Through Market Intelligence & Talent Mapping, we’ll give you an inside look at leading organizations in your industry, from how they work to who they hire. You will gain a highly advantageous understanding of where you might need to improve in order to compete.

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From technology to healthcare and private equity to entertainment, Morgan Samuels serves industry leaders who shape the world.

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Morgan Samuels’ proprietary 360º Search Methodology is built on Lean and Six Sigma principles, equipping our team to effectively and efficiently pinpoint the perfect candidate for every role.

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