Board Services

Board services help organizations build an impactful team of leaders and improve their effectiveness in driving value. After all, a strong, autonomous, and engaged board is the backbone of a healthy organization and increasingly critical to the company’s success. Especially in today’s evolving markets, exceptional board members contribute a strong vision and proven execution, along with passion, flexibility, integrity, accountability, and diverse thinking.

With unparalleled access to world-class leaders, we’ll help you build a board that successfully balances vision, oversight, and strategic direction. A board that’s not just impactful now but will also be successful far into the future. And one that can guide the organization and coach its executives toward exceeding strategic goals and initiatives.

Board service offerings include:

Board Search & Recruitment

Strong boards provide corporate governance, strategic guidance, and leadership coaching to their organization. Our results-driven Board Search methodology identifies world-class candidates who can effectively execute on those objectives. We align with stakeholders on search priorities and strategy, scour the market for candidates who are a fit with regards to the requirements of the role and the culture, and thoroughly vet potential new members.

Executive Search Board Services at Morgan SamuelsThis methodology, in conjunction with our in-depth research and in partnership with your specifications, allows us to accomplish outstanding results in board placement. Our team understands the unique skill-set required of this type of leader. We recognize that large, small, and middle-market companies face different challenges, including changing regulations, increased corporate governance, and rising pressure from stakeholders. We know that the most successful boards are diverse with respect to representation, skills, experiences, and perspectives. And Morgan Samuels works with all, tailoring our approach to ensure we make the best and most appropriate board placements for each organization.

Evaluation of Board-Sourced Candidates

A majority of seats these days are filled with executives whom board members already know. We can help you comprehensively vet the candidates that you find and interview their references in order to confirm selection or identify potential reasons for a misfit. This process helps to ensure you are adding capable and dynamic board members who have proven to thrive under pressure and reduces the risk of making poor, homogeneous, or inexperienced hires.

Executive Development Through Board Roles

Executive Search Board Services at Morgan Samuels Many corporations have determined that there is a significant developmental opportunity for their next generation of C-suite leaders through board assignments. We can help you craft that program for your up-and-coming leaders. Our executive development roadmaps provide promising leaders with exposure to new perspectives, opportunities to enhance their collaboration and motivational abilities, and guidance on how to be a high-performing leader who can add significant value to the organization.

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