Executive Search

Winning leadership teams require innovative thinking to drive the kind of strategies and initiatives that enable market dominance. Consider, do you have the right people to make it happen? That’s where executive search comes into play.

We’ve seen how many companies approach executive search: heavy on promise, light on performance, and locked into worn-out processes and thinking. We know about these types of strategies because we’ve participated in searches as candidates, clients, and (in some cases) partners with traditional executive search firms. And we knew there HAD to be a better process that would produce more optimal results.

Executive Search Methodology

Our method gets to the “why” before worrying about “who” the search will turn up. Consider the following questions.

Do current talent strategies and plans support long-term growth in this changing environment?

As the business evolves, what leadership capabilities and skills will it need to execute on the strategy?

Which roles drive the most value now and in the future?

Morgan Samuels collaborates with our clients to answer questions such as these in order to build game-changing leadership teams that will achieve the greatest impact. After aligning on search priorities and strategy, we scour the market to source and assess the best candidates in terms of leadership capability, technical expertise, achievements, motivation, diversity, and — perhaps most critically — cultural fit. Our highly interactive and consultative approach leads to optimal and market-leading results. We’re also able to tap into candidate pools others might not. Our approach nearly eliminates “off limits” restrictions, so you get unparalleled access to the world’s most exceptional talent.


Leading the Executive Search Industry

Our personal and passionate approach to executive search results in performance that outpaces the industry in six vital ways:

Commitment to Original Research

Our speed and quality are unmatched because on every engagement we provide a dedicated team of five specialized professionals who remain actively involved for the duration of the engagement. A researcher on every search ensures a creative research strategy and guarantees total market coverage of relevant talent.

More Diversity Placements

The need for diverse and inclusive leadership teams is stronger now than ever before. We are committed to empowering underrepresented talent, engaging with diverse candidates on every single search, and eliminating bias throughout the review process.

  • 43% of placements are diverse.
  • 54% of the Morgan Samuels team is diverse.

Client – and Candidate – Satisfaction

Rather than simply filling roles, our team pinpoints each client’s specific needs and challenges and then leverages our vast network to scour the talent market and find the best-fit. As a trusted executive search partner to many industry-leading organizations, we have a reputation for delivering game-changing talent at an exceptional pace. And that’s why we have an average of 8 assignments per client.

  • 83% of our searches come from repeat clients.
  • 96% of clients rate their experience as positive.
  • 94% of candidates rate their experience as positive.

Fewer Candidate Interviews Required

Due to our rigorous proprietary assessment process, our clients typically only need to interview 4 candidates before hire (versus the industry average of 11). These thorough assessments help to identify the most qualified candidates but also serve to reduce the risk of executive selection, accelerate new-hire speed to value, and increase the likelihood of long-term success.

Longer Placement Tenure

We are dedicated to creating long-term success for both clients and new hires. Our methodology enables us to assess each candidates’ qualifications regarding leadership capability, technical expertise, motivation, and values alignment — all key factors that impact new hires’ ability to thrive in the role.

  • Almost all of our placements stay beyond the guarantee period.
  • 80% of placements made over the past three years remain with our clients.

Speed to Closure

In a rapidly evolving market, your organization can’t afford to wait on making critical leadership hires, but at the same time, you don’t want to take the risk of sacrificing quality for speed. With our strategic approach to executive search and deep experience across many industries and functions, we are equipped to address even the most challenging search needs and to deliver high-performing leaders in a timely manner, every time. 360-degree communication ensures we stay aligned with your needs and quickly identify the best-fit talent for your company.

  • 58 days is the median cycle time.
  • 320 individuals on average are directly engaged with per assignment.

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