Who We Are

Morgan Samuels is a different kind of executive search firm. With a team as diverse as the clients we serve, our experts don’t just search for candidates. We immerse ourselves into your company so we can determine the exact talent needed to define your future.


Our veteran-led business has an 85% employee diversity rate


We have team members in 22 cities across the country


82% of our business comes from current and previous clients

The Morgan Samuels Team

We were founded in 1969, with a single idea in mind: to help people and organizations achieve their greatest potential. And this vision has become today’s reality. Today, Morgan Samuels offers a broad spectrum of results-driven solutions that leverages human capital, transforms businesses, and revolutionizes executive search. The variables are many we work in categories from engineering and natural resources to leading edge technology, and we offer services throughout the life stages of business. Our constants lie in our approach to each client’s situation. We deliver strategyexperience, expertise, and service to every client engagement.


Effective collaboration requires a thorough understanding of your strategy. Companies repeatedly turn to Morgan Samuels for help in defining and executing on the best strategic plans for their future.

Once informed about and aligned with the interests of our clients, we’re ready to provide innovative solutions for the toughest human capital challenges.


There’s value in empathy, and it’s something that our clients profit from every day. When companies turn to Morgan Samuels, they’re turning to dynamic, experienced leaders in the industry – experts who know what it takes to transform business.

Our experts came to Morgan Samuels with backgrounds from consulting firms, as operators of globally-known companies, or as practitioners with decades of experiences. But we all came with a common purpose: to use all that we’ve learned and done to help our clients ignite transformational change.


We believe that we can’t provide transformative solutions to our clients until and unless we own their problem. So we serve each client not only with extensive capabilities and a deep roster of talent but also with a spirit of service. A spirit of mission first — your mission.

Morgan Samuels believes, “It’s business. And yes, it IS personal, especially when it’s yours." For us, there is no higher reward than earning the roles of true business partners and trusted advisors through personal and painstaking service.

Silicon Foundry Partnership

Our partnership with Silicon Foundry—a premier innovation advisory platform—means we have access to cutting-edge technology and transformative insights. These insights enable us to provide the executive search services you need and lead us straight to the groundbreaking talent your company requires.

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