Private Equity & Venture Capital

A private equity and venture capital firm’s greatest asset lies in its leaders and their capabilities to deliver across a myriad of stakeholders’ expectations. The ability to deliver long-term value creation rests in the hands of people. Our firm has completed hundreds of successful searches in the private equity space at both the GP and portfolio company level for large, global funds and also middle market firms. Top talent that is a great fit for the PE and VC world is extraordinarily scarce, and we know what it takes to bring great talent forward.

Growth, competition, unprecedented multiples, and continuous technology advancements require a new approach to value creation via executive hiring. Our methodologies resonate with our private equity clients who appreciate the rigor, speed, and predictability of the process. Our proprietary assessment tools enable us to quickly assess leaders who have the competencies, personality traits, behavioral attributes, alignment, and cultural fit to succeed.


  • Growth Equity
  • Operating Partners & Advisors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions & Growth
  • Middle Market
  • Transformation
  • Turnarounds