Manufacturing & Industrial

The manufacturing and industrial industry is facing challenges and opportunities driven by product innovation, changes in talent requirements, and technology disruption. These shifts present a unique opportunity for savvy players to emerge as leaders. Capital allocation choices will increasingly center on an emerging set of opportunities. These opportunities include new technologies such as the industrial internet and advanced manufacturing and the skills needed to manage embedded technology and analytics. The advent and proliferation of advanced technologies will create a demand for employees who understand traditional hardware, as well as those that understand software and programming. The ideal industrial senior executive of the future will be one who possesses the ability to lead and manage the balance of these two issues—hardware and software.

Morgan Samuels’ manufacturing and industrial practice team combines unmatched research, consulting, and execution professionals with deep subject matter expertise. We have decades of experience placing and developing best-in-class talent leading major industrial companies around the globe. The common theme throughout all of our engagements is our thorough grasp of global manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution, as well as the skills that top talent must possess to thrive in this complex area. We keenly understand the way industrial companies operate – we live it day-to-day by employing similar practices.


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