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Achieving quality board governance has never been more critical, and best practices in board recruitment, placement and development have evolved significantly. Traditional behaviors and techniques for placing members on both public and private boards are outdated as boards face more accountability and federal oversight and greater time demands, as well as new market imperatives like the call for diversity and transparency.

Armed with our in-depth research and a thorough understanding of your needs, we accomplish outstanding results in board placement and services.

We leverage insights gained from years of experience placing exceptional board members, along with our proprietary methodology, including skill-set testing, to ensure the best match for your organization, as well as compliance with current federal standards. In addition, we are sponsors and work with the National Association of Corporate Directors, an organization whose sole mission is advancing exemplary board leadership.

What We Offer

  • Board Search – Our Board Search process, in conjunction with our in-depth research and in partnership with your specifications, allows us to accomplish outstanding results in board placement. We know that large, small, and middle-market companies face different challenges, and we work with all, tailoring our approach to ensure that each gets the best and most appropriate board placements.
  • Evaluation of Board-Sourced Candidates – A majority of seats these days are getting filled with executives board members already know. We can help you comprehensively vet the candidates that you find and interview their references. We can even help you persuade candidates, as top talent often has multiple opportunities to choose from.
  • Executive Development through Board Roles – Many corporations have determined that there is a significant developmental opportunity for their next generation of C-suite leaders through board assignments. We can help you craft that program for your up-and-coming leaders.
  • Getting On Your First Board – If you are a qualified and referenced executive who is interested in exploring a board placement, we can help you prepare for success and make introductions.

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