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Digital Media

Digital media is fast evolving, with technology advancements constantly changing consumer habits and vice versa. Convergence has dramatically altered the landscape, opening up opportunities and exponentially increasing competition. The battle for consumers is fierce, and profit models are often obsolete before they are even firmly established. Delivering high quality content or products is no longer enough. Instead, mass adoption and creating forward-thinking ways to monetize is crucial for survival. Couple this shifting value proposition with large-scale technology advancements and multiple emerging platforms, and the demand for remarkable leadership is at an all-time high.

Morgan Samuels is continually called upon to build executive teams around disruptive and next generation product strategies and launches. We’veĀ helped numerous digital media companies refine their talent strategies and acquire and develop key executives who have transformed the industry. We understand the environment demands agile, forward-thinking leadership to keep pace with the hyper-evolving business models.

Core areas

  • Big Data
  • Content
  • E-commerce
  • Ad Tech
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • Video and Over-the-top Distribution/IPTV/Streaming
  • Social Media
  • Gaming


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Digital Media

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