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Board Services

A strong, autonomous and engaged board is the backbone of a healthy organization. We’ll help you build one that successfully balances oversight and strategic direction. One that’s not just effective now, but will be far into the future.

What We Offer

  • Board Search – Our Board Search process, in conjunction with our in-depth research and in partnership with your specifications, allows us to accomplish outstanding results in board placement. We know that large, small, and middle-market companies face different challenges, and we work with all, tailoring our approach to ensure that each gets the best and most appropriate board placements.
  • Evaluation of Board-Sourced Candidates – A majority of seats these days are getting filled with executives board members already know. We can help you comprehensively vet the candidates that you find and interview their references.
  • Executive Development through Board Roles – Many corporations have determined that there is a significant developmental opportunity for their next generation of C-suite leaders through board assignments. We can help you craft that program for your up-and-coming leaders.
  • Getting On Your First Board – If you are a qualified and referenced executive who is interested in exploring a board placement, we can help you prepare for success and make introductions.